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Abramowitz Fine Arts, Inc. 


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          Lipstick Hill Gallery of Fine Arts

                            75 First Street

               Keyport, New Jersey 07735

                            732 335 0380

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Enjoy the entire series; 

2017 - First Edition - Watercolor Retrospect, Wildlife, Children's book illustrations, philatelics (partial collection)

"Abramowitz, Artist's Retrospect",

oils on canvas 1970-2015"

coffee table edition

2015 - "Life is Good!" © -
Stardust and her adopted best friend Oliver, the once sad, Sweet Yorkie 

2013 "The Resilience of Lipstick Hill" ©

a tribute to Sandy's destruction 

2011 - 2009 "The Gardens" and the publication of

2009's "Christmas at Lipstick Hill"©,

2nd edition published July, 2011.  

Holiday & Note cards ,

classic 5x7 folded cards - "Max"

our Mute Swan with His Mate, Beauty,  
"The Gates of Your Heart"©,

magnets and playing cards with our Mute Swans, floral highlights of Lipstick Hill

- Puzzles -"Stardust's Winter at Lipstick Hill"© plus clear acrylic paperweights of roses and wildlife
To order -S/N, L/E collector's books or any products from the Artist - Contact

732 335 0380 or 781 354 5351 

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