Publications & Celebrations,  Hopefully, Everyone is Staying Safe!

Spreads/New Images, January 2020 Art World News - February+April, 2019- November 2018+editorial

2015 Spring  - Art Expo Catalogues-Featured Artist Profile, Editorial & Podcast- Sept/Oct 2016

Dec. 2019 Holiday Celebration  - High praise for everyone not leaving empty handed! Wonderful time!

2019 returned to Exhibit with Art Expo NYC! April  Pier 90  - 4 days of Teaching Renaissance techniques

"Glowing Oils & and Secrets" Explaining the Master's oils as relevant today & incorporated within my canvas'


Dec. 2016 Amazing Holiday Celebration - Collectors have become Wonderful Best Friends! So Very Fortunate! 

Dec. 2015 Gallery of Fine Arts, Keyport Official Opening Reception, in appreciation of collectors

2012, 2013 Group Shows - Oils, Borough Hall, Keyport, NJ

2011 - Grant = Boston University Medical Buildings, 930 Commonwealth Ave. West -  permanent  site installation Tranquility Oils 36 x 72 / 48 x 60 series
2010 Opening April 27th - Permanent Installation office complex - Dr. Wayne Aldridge,  Holmdel,  New Jersey 
Trinity, Keyport, New Jersey  Fall 2008 was unique on a grand scale - 2 levels showcased original oils and watercolors
June 2008 Editorial, Art World News, "Abramowitz,  Peace and Tranquility Abound" 

Spring 2008, Art Expo Javitts Center NYC - Acclaimed praise for Introduction of the series,"Mudra and the Tree of Zen" © with  "Solitude & Serenity," ©  strong women,  who know where they've been and where they're going and
 "Choices"© based on society's reflections. . . .  "scenes always drifting thru our lives, as somewhere in time" ©

Client/Project List

Corporate Hdq. Wayne A. Aldredge DMD P.A. Periodontics

Outdoor Life Magazine, Zambia Airways,

Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust British Channel Islands

Philadelphia Zoo

Hong Kong Commerative Philatelics - Year of the Dog

Mozambique, Tanzania and Guyana Philatelics Sheetlets (multiple stamps)

Jacqueline's Gallery- 61st NYC

Art Business News, Art World News, Natural Health and Jersey Shore Magazines



Renaissance Techniques of the Masters, Children, Drawing, Historical, Impressionist, Landscapes/Scenic, Murals, Nature, Nudes, Painting, Portraits, Still Life, Textiles, Whimsical,Wildlife, Advertising, Editorial, Packaging


MOCO - Monmouth County Arts Council, Keyport Arts Society, founding Board Member
Keyport Bayfront Business Alliance, Keyport Historical Society

Heading 1


Sarah 2018 Boston University 930 Commonw

Grant created for

Boston University

Medical Building

2019 collectors

Brenda & John Zeiman 

Art Expo, NYC

The Original Oil - Caliente© has found a home with the Zeimans!

cpllectors Brenda & John Zeiman 2019 Art Expo Nyc