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Publications & Celebrations,  2023 June with art and fabulous flowers! December 17th, 2022  A holiday gathering with new works, the pleasure of pure creativity - A collectors event at Lipstick Hill. 

Spreads/New Images, January 2020 Art World News - February+April, 2019- November 2018+editorial

2015 Spring  - Art Expo Catalogues-Featured Artist Profile, Editorial & Podcast- Sept/Oct 2016

Dec. 2019 Holiday Celebration  - High praise for everyone not leaving empty handed! Wonderful time!

2019 returned to Exhibit with Art Expo NYC! April  Pier 90  - 4 days of Teaching Renaissance techniques

"Glowing Oils & and Secrets" Explaining the Master's oils as relevant today & incorporated within my canvas'


Dec. 2016 Amazing Holiday Celebration - Collectors have become Wonderful Best Friends! So Very Fortunate! 

Dec. 2015 Gallery of Fine Arts, Keyport Official Opening Reception, in appreciation of collectors

2012, 2013 Group Shows - Oils, Borough Hall, Keyport, NJ

2011 - Grant = Boston University Medical Buildings, 930 Commonwealth Ave. West -  permanent  site installation Tranquility Oils 36 x 72 / 48 x 60 series
2010 Opening April 27th - Permanent Installation office complex - Dr. Wayne Aldridge,  Holmdel,  New Jersey 
Trinity, Keyport, New Jersey  Fall 2008 was unique on a grand scale - 2 levels showcased original oils and watercolors
June 2008 Editorial, Art World News, "Abramowitz,  Peace and Tranquility Abound" 

Spring 2008, Art Expo Javitts Center NYC - Acclaimed praise for Introduction of the series,"Mudra and the Tree of Zen" © with  "Solitude & Serenity," ©  strong women,  who know where they've been and where they're going and
"Choices"© based on society's reflections. . . .  "scenes always drifting thru our lives, as somewhere in time" ©

Client/Project List

Corporate Hdq. Wayne A. Aldredge DMD P.A. Periodontics

Outdoor Life Magazine, Zambia Airways,

Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust British Channel Islands

Philadelphia Zoo

Hong Kong Commerative Philatelics - Year of the Dog

Mozambique, Tanzania and Guyana Philatelics Sheetlets (multiple stamps)

Jacqueline's Gallery- 61st NYC

Art Business News, Art World News,

Natural Health and Jersey Shore Magazines



Renaissance Techniques of the Masters, Children, Drawing, Historical,

Impressionist, Landscapes/Scenic, Murals, Nature, Nudes, Painting, Portraits,

Still Life, Textiles, Whimsical,Wildlife, Advertising, Editorial, Packaging


MOCO - Monmouth County Arts Council,

Keyport Arts Society, founding Board Member
Keyport Bayfront Business Alliance, Keyport Historical Society

Our favorite Guerins at Art Expo NYC 2019.jpeg

Pier 92 NYC Wonderful!

Sarah 2018 Boston University 930 Commonw

Grant created for

Boston University

Medical Building

2019 collectors

Brenda & John Zeiman 

Art Expo, NYC

The Original Oil - Caliente© has found a home with the Zeimans!

cpllectors Brenda & John Zeiman 2019 Art Expo Nyc
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